Foundation for Leadership & Entrepreneurship


Academy of Culinary Arts & Hospitality Management (ACA) was established in 2010 at Lalitpur Ward 5, Mahalaxmi Mandir Road by Mr. Ashesh Maharjan. The inception of ACA was to skill youths for employment mainly in the Culinary and Hospitality Industries. ACA is widely known for Culinary Education in Nepal, which also means that ACA was able to deliver the quality education and practical knowledge needed to excel in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Tourism and Hospitality is one of the core competency sectors of Nepal that we have inherited. There are many challenges in the workforce in regards to quality and competencies. Despite many colleges providing hospitality education, there is still a huge gap of qualified individuals to fill into the industry employment gap. ACA is doing its best to offer and deliver the education that is continuously updated keeping the ancient and local essence intact but adapting the global trends.

After a decade of educating youths, ACA realized that youths deserve more than just a job. Youth deserve to grow exponentially in their profession, can and should become a leader in their career and also start their own entrepreneurial journey. Hence in 2021, the emergence of Center for Leadership & Entrepreneurship (CLE) happened with the vision to educate youth to become Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Now, ACA is a subsidiary brand of CLE for the Hospitality and Culinary Division while CLE offers programs related to BHM, BBA, MBA and Diploma in Culinary Arts.

Education is only the tool to foresee a happier and prosperous nation. ACA and CLE focus is in availing and delivering Diploma, Bachelors and Masters programs to Nepalese youth so that Nepalese youth are enabled to "Contribute towards creating a better Family, Society, Nation and the World".

Building upon the institutional experience and prowess garnered by the Academy of Culinary Arts and Hospitality  Management and driven by a compelling need for setting up an autonomous parent organization wholesomely dedicated to fostering leadership and entrepreneurial knowledge and expertise amongst the youth through proficient delivery of appropriate academic programs and training courses, Center for Leadership and  Entrepreneurship (CLE) was founded in 2021.  

With the launch of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) program and with a Bachelor of Business  Administration (BBA) program and an array of value-adding training courses in the pipeline, CLE has embarked upon its journey of facilitating young prospects by empowering them with the resources, amenities, environment,  and pedagogy needed for continuously acquiring and honing concrete leadership and entrepreneurial skill-sets. 


Project Description: 

To provide 100% full scholarship to 168 students who are from marginalized backgrounds or from deprived communities due to financial constraints. The scholarship covers the entire course fees, 18 months of full boarding, uniform, laptop and stationeries. 


Eligibility Criteria

There will be 1 male and 1 female student from each of the 77 districts of Nepal who have completed their lower and higher secondary level education from government schools and colleges. Additionally, 1 male and 1 female from 7 SAARC countries will also be eligible for this scholarship program.