Bachelors of Science (Hons.) in Hospitality Management (BHM) - 4 Years

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Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Hospitality Management (BHM), accredited by Lincoln University College Malaysia is a 4 years degree equivalent to TU BHM. This program is a composition of theoretical and practical competencies required by the Hospitality Industry. This is an ideal program for candidates willing to excel in their career at the management level in the Hospitality Industry including International Cruise ships, Star Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes, pubs, and catering businesses etc.


  • +2 graduates from any stream
  • Willing to work in the hospitality industry


  • +2 with a minimum of 50% aggregated marks and English as a compulsory subject.
  • Shall come across from ACA entrance test and interview
  • Should be willing to study hard at all time

Course Outline and Subjects:

Year 1: SEMESTER-1 Credit
Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Management 3
Housekeeping Operation 4
Front Office Operation 4
Food and Beverages Service Skill 4
Fundamentals of Computers in Hotels: concept and application 4
English for Academics 3
Year 1: SEMESTER-2  
Front Office Management 4
Housekeeping Management 4
Food Production Operations 4
Food and Beverages Service Operations 4
Hospitality English 3
Fundamentals of  Management 3
Year 2: SEMESTER-3  
Food Science and Nutrition 4
Accounting for Hospitality 3
Food Production Management 4
Beverage Study 4
Hospitality HRM 3
Hotel French 3
Year 2: SEMESTER-4  
Food and Catering Management 4
Introduction to Economics 3
Beverage Behavior 3
Entrepreneurship 3
Restaurant Business Operation/ Analysis 4
Hospitality Service Marketing 3
Year3: SEMESTER-5  
Revenue Management 3
Purchasing and Cost Control 3
Statistics 3
Public Relation 3
Hospitality Training and Development 3
Hospitality Law 3
Year3: SEMESTER-6  
Hotel Maintenance 4
Event Management 4
Tourist Behavioral Science 3
Research Methodology 3
Year 4: SEMESTER-7   
Industrial Training/ Internship 6
Year 4: SEMESTER- 8  
Industrial Training/ Internship 6
Internship Report 3