Short Term Course in Culinary Skills - 4-8 Weeks

Pursuing a Lifestyle or Hobby


We are delighted to announce the starting of short-term courses at ACA. Our short term courses are intense and result oriented. A blend of theoretical and practical exposure provides you with the confidence to be part of the hospitality world. These courses are meant for students seeking part-time employment in foreign countries while pursuing their studies, for people seeking jobs in the hospitality industry and for individuals wanting to enhance their cooking skills. Call us to inquire about the next starting date for any of your desire courses.


Our Short Term Course in culinary skills provides you the exposure that will assist you in joining a kitchen department. After this course, you may also opt for joining our Diploma in culinary arts program or BHM program to enhance your opportunity to enter the culinary world. Certain criteria would be required to be met in order to join these courses. If you own a food service establishment, this course will provide you with a good understanding of the operations for you to manage it better.


The hospitality industry has been regarded as the fastest growing sector in the world. New hotels are opening all over the world and they require qualified hospitality professionals to work for them. You will receive an Internationally recognized certificate that can assist you in obtaining a job in the foodservice industry.